Diagnosis and Prognosis
BRAIN AI: Biomarker Research Assessing Inflammation in Neurodegeneration using Artificial Intelligence

 Theme Group:


iFLS UoS, NIHR ARC Wessex, NIHR/HEE ICA Programme

About the project:

Dementia diagnosis is complex and subjective, especially in the early stages of the disease. It takes on average over 2 years from symptom onset to diagnosis. Inflammation is seen as a driver leading to accelerated progression of dementia.
We are an interdisciplinary group of academics and clinicians working across medical imaging, immunology, neurology and data science. In this project, we are exploring markers of inflammation linked to dementia progression and combine them with our current imaging diagnostic tools, using artificial intelligence.
Our aim is to provide objective methods for enhancing dementia diagnosis in a clinical setting.



Sofia Michopoulou (UHS), Jessica Teeling (UoS), Chris Kipps(UHS/UoS), Angus Prosser (UoS), Livia Tossici-Bolt (UHS), Neil O’Brien (UHS), Ben MacArthur (Turing Institute/UoS), John Dickson(UCLH), Matt Guy (UHS).

Key iDeAC expertise:

Sofia Michopoulou

Imaging (human)

Dr Jessica Teeling

Neuroinflammation and infection

Dr Christopher Kipps

Clinical Research lead

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