Diagnosis and Prognosis

The Diagnosis and Prognosis theme links the basic science theme to clinical services. There is a strong history of cutting-edge neuropathology research in Southampton which has significantly advanced the field. There are established clinical services in place for evaluation of dementia diagnosis and provision of care. Existing strengths include dementia diagnostic imaging, with an imaging physics department that has expertise in structural and functional imaging, modelling and scientific computing. The neuropsychology team within this theme provide clinical diagnostic support to the region, and have interests in diagnostic test development within a clinical environment.

The group links to clinical dementia services across the region, and offers diagnostic and support services for all types of dementia including young-onset dementia. There are established research cohorts that provide a wealth of clinical, imaging and neuropathological data including prospectively acquired biobank samples. iDeAC has already enhanced the collaborative links within this group across the other themes, and a number of new projects have been initiated via the iDeAC development workshops.

Deep tissue theranostic imaging

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Measuring the control of blood flow to the brain

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BRAIN AI: Biomarker Research Assessing Inflammation in Neurodegeneration using Artificial Intelligence

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