Dr Christopher Kipps
Clinical Research lead
Consultant Neurologist

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Professor Christopher Kipps is a Consultant Neurologist with subspecialty interest in behavioural neurology and cognitive disorders, and Professor of Clinical Neurology and Dementia at University Hospital Southampton and the University of Southampton. He leads the Cognitive Disorders service at the Wessex Neurological Centre. He is Associate Medical Director for R&D at University Hospital Southampton, Wessex Clinical Research Network regional lead for Division 4 (Mental Health, Dementia, Nervous System Disorders), and a co-lead in the Ageing and Dementia theme within the Wessex NIHR-ARC.

Prof Kipps is the principal investigator for a number of clinically-based research studies in dementia and long-term neurological conditions. He has a particular interest in the diagnosis of dementia using imaging and biomarkers, the use of digital care platforms and improving processes to support clinical excellence.

 Current theme Projects:

BRAIN AI: Biomarker Research Assessing Inflammation in Neurodegeneration using Artificial Intelligence

Dementia diagnosis is complex and subjective, especially in the early stages of the disease. It takes on average over 2 years from symptom onset to diagnosis. Inflammation is seen as a driver leading to accelerated …

Diagnostic biomarkers of gut microbiome-associated phenotypes predictive of healthy aging and neurodegenerative disease (BIO-AGE)

The gastrointestinal tract in humans is one of the largest interfaces between the host and the environment. Different bacteria in the gut have been linked with longevity and healthy ageing. However, some of these bacteria …

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