Basic and Translational Science

This theme benefits from existing expertise in basic science focusing on cell biology, vascular pathophysiology and neuroinflammation. Areas of interest include the maternal influence on fetal cerebrovascular development, the effects of diabetes and anti-diabetic drugs on models of tauopathy and the toxicity of different tau species to aid a molecular level understanding of dementia biology. The theme has expertise in neuronal and glial biology, cerebrovascular drainage pathways and the role of neuroinflammation in neurodegeneration, brain ageing and dementia.

The theme already works across disciplines, including mathematics, computer science, clinical services (neurosurgery, neurology, cardiothoracic surgery and anaesthetics) and the pharmaceutical industry, making use of biofilm, millifluidics, mass spectrometry and imaging facilities available in Southampton. There are many established national and international collaborations in place. The theme is well represented at international meetings with many emerging insights in the field related to immunological and vascular mechanisms emerging from work in Southampton.

Understanding the dynamics and diversity of microglia in health and disease

Our lab is focused to studying the population of microglial cells from development to ageing, as well as chronic neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. We have ongoing projects studying both rodent and human microglia, characterising …

Adrenergic interventions for novel treatment strategies in Alzheimer’s disease

Computational modelling shows that innervation of vascular smooth muscle cells provides the motive force for IPAD, which has led us to hypothesize that 1) failure of elimination of Aβ along IPAD pathways could be a …

Harnessing the heart-lung-brain interactions in the search for vascular biomarkers for neurological dysfunction

As an interdisciplinary team from University Hospital Southampton & University of Southampton comprising specialists in cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmology, cardiac perfusion, imaging, mathematics and neuroanatomy we are in the optimal position to conduct a study in …