Dementia Care and Prevention
Dementia and Incontinence at Home (DINAH)

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Alzheimer's Society Fellowship

About the project:

This 4-year mixed methods study is focused on better understanding the problems faced by people (and their family carers) living at home with dementia and incontinence. The first phase of the study comprised 45 semi-structured interviews with people with dementia, family carers and nurses (continence and dementia) to ask about their views on dementia and incontinence related problems and potential solutions. This was followed by an online survey with family carers to gain further data on their views and the problems they face in their role supporting the person with dementia to manage continence problems. Currently, information resources to support family carers to cope with incontinence are under development in preparation for evaluation.

Key iDeAC expertise:

Dr Jackie Bridges

Post-diagnostic care

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