Dr Angela Darekar
Imaging (human)
Lead for MRI Physics

 Theme Group:


Angela is the Lead for MRI Physics at University Hospital Southampton, and has many years of experience of using, developing and enabling clinical MRI techniques, in both clinical and research settings. Her role includes supporting both the clinical MRI service (e.g. service development, QA and MRI safety), and supporting research projects utilising MRI, from both within UHS and the University of Southampton, thus covering a wide range of applications. She has a keen interest in facilitating and encouraging the translation of research MRI techniques into the clinical setting, working closely with clinical colleagues and using her expertise in MRI physics to successfully enable this. She is also heavily involved in co-ordinating the MRI research programme for the Trust and University.

 Current theme Projects:

Permeability of the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s disease (PEBBAL) measured using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI: a pilot study

Inflammation is the body’s normal response to injury and infection. It can be healthy or harmful depending on the situation. We know that when people with dementia get infections their memory symptoms can get worse. …

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Department of Medical Physics
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

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