Our mission

iDeAC Vision

Thinking differently and transforming healthcare through collaborative interdisciplinary research into the problems of brain ageing and dementia; from molecules to models of care.


  • iDeAC seeks to focus, energise and support interdisciplinary research and clinical translation in dementia and brain ageing in Southampton throughout the health and social care pathway (from molecules to models of care)
  • iDeAC aims to generate new insights into the problems of dementia and brain ageing by focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration to challenge existing thinking and develop innovative solutions
  • iDeAC aims to build on existing strengths to catalyse new interdisciplinary partnerships across academic, clinical, social care and industry sectors in Southampton and beyond 


iDeAC is collaborative, interdisciplinary, innovative, creative and disruptive

Mission Statement

  • Make it easy to conduct interdisciplinary collaborative research into brain ageing and dementia and clinical translation across the patient journey from molecules to models of care
  • Establish a reputation for iDeAC research excellence and delivery at a local, national and international level
  • Articulate iDeAC focus, capability, achievements and impact